Back in the States

For the last few years I felt alone in our association of churches as I stood against the false teaching that was creeping in. I strongly hold to the inerrancy and the sufficiency of Scripture. No doubt, the greatest danger is from within “the church” and not from without.

Who is more dangerous to the children of God? The Dalai Lama or Rick Warren? Rosie O’Donnell or Joel Osteen? Bernie Sanders or Bethel Redding?

I was deeply troubled after hearing from those who stood in the same pulpit I did that it didn’t matter if Jonah was a true historical account and that Adam and Eve may not have been real historical figures, that females could occupy the role of an elder, that Paul’s pastoral letters are not for all churches, etc.

Instead of joining another church and taking another ministry position in Southeast Asia, we moved back to America for numerous reasons. We’re now in a Bible-teaching Confessional church and I can say with so many others that it is one of the greatest blessings to be in a room with people on the Lord’s Day who believe the same way you do. One church member drives 90 miles to attend and they come to the prayer meetings on Wednesday as well. They too say it is SO worth it. If I were to die suddenly, these are the people I’d want to surround my family.

God has given me a job in which I may put in lots of hours and I’m so thankful for that. I am no longer dependent on support so I have taken down the “GIVE” link. There are pastors who need the money more than I.

We’re thankful for the years in Asia and the growth that took place during that time. We’re looking forward to sharing His Truth with many in this new area we’ve chosen to move to.


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