Heidi Baker & Bethel Redding

I’ve heard that the largest growing “stream” of Christianity is coming out of Bethel Redding & NAR. What do they teach?

The fruit of the Spirit is self-control. You don’t lose control. A loss of self-control is a sign of those demonized individuals we see in Scripture. So much of what passes as the work of the Spirit today is indistinguishable from the Kundalini cult, as the video above shows.

J.D. Hall was right. The foundation of what we see above is gullibility. Discernment is a gift of the Spirit. It is interesting how so many of those who claim to have the Spirit have no discernment at all.

It is one thing to watch many short videos like the video above. It is another thing to listen to hours of teaching coming out of this movement (which I have done). The biggest take-away I have from that experience is that I never heard the gospel proclaimed. It reminds me of what this man said….

“When miracles are emphasized – Jesus is denied.”

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