Love The Church

I was with a Christian man and he asked me, “What is your vision?” I thought for some time and thoughts flashed through my mind of future goals – finish school, plant a church in a nearby city where there is such a small Christian presence, etc. After thinking for a little bit I told him, “I just want to be righteous.”

He told me that his vision was to plant a church. I asked him what his pastor or pastors thought about that. He then told me that he doesn’t have any pastors or have a home church. Sadly, such a view is common today.

Why You Should Join A Church

Which Church Should You Join?

Church Attendance: Is It Important?

A further note: Many people have been hurt in church or hurt by people who call themselves Christians. God wants us to move past these times of pain and love the church. Jesus does. We sin against God every day and He doesn’t say, “I’m done with you!” No, our sin against God is far worse than anyone else’s sin against us and we should model God’s actions towards us.

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