Missionaries Should be “Immersed” in Church

“All missionaries should be sons from the womb of the church sent as messengers of the church to establish and strengthen the church.  Evangelism of an individual has not been effectively completed until he is integrated into the life of the church.  Missionaries then must be familiar with and appreciative of the worship of the church, the fellowship of the church, the doctrine of the church, and the government of the church.

Too many individuals and activists have had a “better idea” than the church.  With disparaging remarks about the weaknesses, failures, and inefficiencies of the church, movements are begun “beside” the church.  Claims are made that such persons or agencies are working “alongside” the church, stressing that their efforts are “parallel” to and “supportive” of the church.  However, that which is “alongside” is still “outside” the church.  How zealous and self-promoting are such “para”-church organizations.  Para-church works can only justify their existence by criticism of the church.  How different this is from our Lord’s concept of missions and evangelism which builds up the church.

It is a strange phenomenon that para-church organizations, whose reason for existence is the failure of the church and their superior ability to carry out the tasks Christ gave to the church, cannot continue in existence without taking men and money from the church.  Those who are saying, “We can do what you cannot,” are constantly appealing to the church to give them their best men and support them with gifts.  In this way, those who criticize the church further sap her strength.  Even so, para-church groups find the “weak” church’s resources sufficient to keep them from demise.

Our Savior’s concept was one of church-centered ministry and missions.”

-Walter J. Chantry        full article here

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