Walking on Water

Are you crossing your Red Sea? Are you in your lion’s den? Are you facing your Goliath or have you found yourself in a fiery furnace? Are you like Peter, walking on water as you look to Jesus? Are you finding yourself in a wilderness moment or sweating drops of blood?

The only answer to these questions is “No.” You’re not and you haven’t.

I ask my daughter every day, “Is the Bible about you?” and she responds, “No, it’s about Jesus.” It is so easy to be narcissistic and read ourselves into the Bible. The sobering reality is that doing so is engaging in eisegesis. It is ignoring the authorial intent. It is breaking the three rules of hermeneutics – context, context, and context.

If we read ourselves into Scripture, then we’ll understand the text to say something it was never meant to convey. You are not David and your problems are not Goliath. The reason Jesus calmed the storm was to prove He was God. What does it look like when the eternal, only unique, Son of God takes on human flesh? = The revelation of Jesus as seen in the four Gospels. The authorial intent of that passage had nothing to do with Jesus calming the storms in our lives.

Our goal in reading and preaching the Bible is to exegete the text. We are to draw out its intended meaning. Only then can we rightly apply it both to ourselves and to our hearers.

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